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SEO Project Manager - DTG Limited

Contract: Freelance

Period: January 2019 - Now

Company location: Los Angeles, US




DTG Limited was founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Thrilled about new technology and innovations, they can't help inventing new brands every time they see a need! With more than 10 brands, the business ninjas needed an SEO expert to manage and implement a top-secret SEO strategy! The two main brands that I've followed all along the year were Xyro and Sonic Soak.


  • Give a deep SEO Audit and deploy a unique SEO strategy

  • Hire and manage new team members

  • Deliver weekly and monthly SEO reports

  • Analyse Data and adapt the SEO strategy to the trend

  • Manage our blog and our content

  • On-page and Off-page SEO

  • Keywords survey & management

  • Collaborate with the PR department 




Increased the number of impressions From 2K to 32K a day

Increased the number of visitors From 150 to 1500

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