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Digital Marketer - AGS Worlwide Mover

Contract: Internship

Period: March - September 2017

Company location: Cape Town, South Africa



Mobilitas Group is the world leader in the removal industry. Mobilitas is the parent of several brands of removal companies in the world of which AGS is the main one. I was hired to develop a plan in order to revamp the AGS website and assist the marketing team with the digital strategy.


  • Develop a new website prototype for the web developers based on corporate goals and digital strategy to achieve web industry standards. Researched, documented and developed keywords for SEO purposes to maintain top search engine ranking and optimise user experience.

  • Managed online advertising inventory, campaigns and yield optimisation across websites. Nurture the business relation with online partners by expanding the content marketing strategy on their websites.  

  • Designed online banners, microsites, and email newsletter creative to drive the sales. 

  • Synthesised data, analysed results, identified trends, executed on key findings to achieve objectives.


Provide strong content and prototype to help the web designers and web developers revamp the platform

Reinforce the affiliate program by delivering new content that was rewarding for both parties.

Increase the sales with a new SEM approach, adding Bing Ads to Adwords

Successfully improved the online visibility, which increased the traffic before the revamping.  Attracted more affiliates and launched a new online campaign. Started using Bing ads in addition of Adwords.

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