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Digital Marketer - Sunsella/Vibranelle

Contract: Freelance

Period: January 2018 - August 2018

Company location: Las Vegas, United States



Sunsella is an e-commerce website that sells kitchen accessories. Vibranelle (Nutrivee in the past) is a pharmaceutical company specialised in dietary supplements. Both brands belong to Blend E-commerce group. In order to promote a few of their new products like a stainless steel water bottle, they engaged me as a freelancer to implement a specific method of promotion: Creating a contest funnel via Facebook messenger from a new creative Facebook page to their selling point. 


Besides this task that involves social media marketing and marketing automation, I did keyword research in order to improve their different paid search advertising, and I worked with influencers to promote their products. 


How to design and grow an attractive Facebook page from scratch that will be dedicated to one contest for one product?


Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 15.30.59.png

If we take the example of the steel water bottle, BPA and plastic free is a growing trend, meanwhile, all Sunsella products are BPA Free. There are more and more people joining the cause and buying steel or glass water bottles every day. I suggested then to create a Facebook page in accordance with this trend. The Facebook page would first promote the steel water bottle, but it could allow them to grow a real "Be Plastic Free" community and promote other Sunsella products in the future. 


443 engagements with the first Facebook ad

Day 2: + 100 contest participants/ + 40% sales.  


+ 25% Overall sales

Profitably increased the brand awareness and start the creation of a "Be plastic free" and "Take life lightly" community. Build up a list of 50 influencers and worked with them in order to promote some of Sunsella and Vibranelle's items. In the end, we increased the monthly sales average by 25%.      

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