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Digital Marketer - Executive Relocation

Contract: Internship

Period: March - September 2017

Company location: Paris, France



In France and worldwide, Executive Relocations manages employees’ domestic and international geographic mobility on behalf of companies. They wanted a digital strategist to manage their website revamping in French and in English. 


  • Created a professional website with great user experience

  • Improved the SEO by keeping the previous content but expanding the paragraph with new strategical keywords and links.

  • Content Marketing with a "news" section dedicated to the companies news.  ​




Improve the website SEO and ranking for strategic keywords

New E-website with a good user experience focused design 

Quality content marketing with a "news" section

Established a new modern and responsive website for the company with an attractive design and User Experience., which showcases the company's knowledge in relocation. 

The website SEO improved its ranking on search engines and allowed my client to win more customers. 


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